From Angie’s List:

Drove me to and back from Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan on a number of occasions. A driver was required because of the lingering effects of anesthesia. Rating: A

The Millers

We appreciate your fitting us in yesterday evening from LGA with no res. We were required to overnight in Europe unexpectedly after a train delay made us miss the original flight, lost a day, and no seats available to JFK as planned … everything was standby and overbooked.

We got lucky with the first standby and you were there for us.


Dear Hoyts,

Due to my carelessness, I had to make an unanticipated return trip to Brooklyn yesterday evening!

Thank you for being so accommodating! Also, thank you for Rafael! There was a lot of traffic and he was able to navigate the whole way without our getting stuck! Absolutely amazing! A tribute to Hoyts!!

Please pass the compliment on to all who should be aware!


On Tuesday, Charles picked me up at my brothers home in Pound Ridge. My brother and his wife had gone off to work and I pulled the door behind me. Oops. I left my cell phone in their house. I live in Detroit. Getting in the car Charles ran down a list of things that people forget.

Had he not I would have been without that phone (something we all dread) for several days.


Again Sam Alrata served up his fine driving skills and kindness by getting my walker and bag out of the car and leading me into the hospital and making certain I don’t trip over a crack in the sidewalk. He also knows I need to drink a lot of water and he has them right beside where I sit and they are always replenished when I come out. He knows exactly the correct route to take so we don’t sit in traffic. I think we got to the hospital an hour early, but I would rather be early than late for any appointment.

I truly appreciate Hoyt’s services and Sam’s!


I just wanted to pass along my praise for the driver who drove me to LGA this morning from Darien. His quick thinking got us out of a growing traffic on 95 and to the airport on time. Not 100% sure his name but he was great.

Thanks again!


Santo & Lynda,

I’ve been with you guys since the beginning and am happy to say I recco Hoyt to my friends every chance I get! Just took 3 guys to Ireland last week and used Hoyt to go to JFK and it was terrific. One guy asked for contact info which I gladly gave him.

Continued success & service!


Dear Lynda & Santo

I am a frequent customer and pound ridge resident. I am happy with your service.
I wanted to make special comment regarding Charles Frye. A very kind and exceptional driver. He got me out of a jam this morning with great driving. Through terrible traffic and did it with a smile.

He is a great representative for your company!