On Tuesday, Charles picked me up at my brothers home in Pound Ridge. My brother and his wife had gone off to work and I pulled the door behind me. Oops. I left my cell phone in their house. I live in Detroit. Getting in the car Charles ran down a list of things that people forget.

Had he not I would have been without that phone (something we all dread) for several days.

The Millers

We appreciate your fitting us in yesterday evening from LGA with no res. We were required to overnight in Europe unexpectedly after a train delay made us miss the original flight, lost a day, and no seats available to JFK as planned … everything was standby and overbooked.

We got lucky with the first standby and you were there for us.


From Angie’s List:

Drove me to and back from Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan on a number of occasions. A driver was required because of the lingering effects of anesthesia. Rating: A


I’d like to express my deep appreciation for the exceptional service provided by one of your drivers, Jeff Capone, who drove myself and six friends for a NYC “ladies night out” evening, Friday, January 21.

As soon as we met Jeff, we knew we were in good hands. After introducing himself in his relaxed and friendly manner, he assured us he would take care of us and make sure we had a good time. Other than being extremely friendly and polite there were several reasons why Jeff’s service was exceptional:

    • Communication: Jeff made sure from the beginning that at least two of us had his cell phone number for us to reach him. Given that we made him stop for a bottle of wine early on, he seemed to sense that the group was tarting to get giddy quickly, and that someone better know how to reach him before we started to lose our sense! Throughout the night we texted him several times to tell him we were changing locales and he texted back every time almost immediately! We never had to worry where our ride was!
    • Reliability: Whenever Jeff said he was going to meet us in “3 or 4 minutes”, he was there before 3 or 4 minutes. We never once had to wait, which was key to enjoying our evening on an absolutely frigid winter night!
    • Knowledgeable: He had the addresses of our destinations ahead of time and was very flexible when we changed our mind when one of the locales didn’t quite work out as expected. He gave a few back up suggestions and knew the easiest ways to get there.
    • Care: Jeff cared for our safety and well-being. He helped every one out of the car, mindful that we did not slip on the ice or ruin our clothes. When he returned us back to New Canaan, he offered to wait with us in the limo until our cars were warm. Jeff did not leave until he saw each and every one of us get into our cars safely!

In summary, Jeff was the perfect driver! He was on target for everything – courteous, prompt, diligent, informative and most importantly, caring. Because of Jeff, I would not hesitate to use Hoyt Livery again or recommend Hoyt to any of my friends.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful driver and helping to make our outing an overwhelming success.

Kerry W.

From Angie’s List:

Have used them before — never have to worry, they are always there. Will use them again, just wish it wasn’t so expensive — but they are in the same price bracket as everyone else. Rating: A


Lynda and Santo,

What great news for your customers and for you. Very smart and very customer focused. Hoyt is the best and it’s been a lot of years! It’s also comforting that if I have an issue I can call either of you personally.

Thank you for taking care of Betsy, myself and our daughters safely and smoothly over the years.

I would recommend you in a heartbeat.


I’m writing to let you know that I was superbly pleased with the service I received from Hoyt Livery this past Friday morning. My wife and I were picked up at JFK on a stormy rainy morning around 5:30am, and were driven to Westport, CT. Our driver, Charles, did a great job anticipating our terminal change by the airlines and then was impressive with getting us to Connecticut in torrential down-pouring rain — including using a great side road to avoid a big accident.

So, just wanted to express my thanks!


I want to thank you for such great service…Dexter is so professional and nice…a reason to use Hoyt! Many thanks and we will see you again.


To Hoyt,

I just wanted to comment on the terrific job that Charles did getting me home from JFK on Thursday. As one would expect, traffic at that time of day was a challenge. Charles did a great job of avoiding the traffic, even leaving the expressway for surface streets at one point to get me home as quickly as possible. Further, Charles was a nice guy with whom I would be happy to travel in the future.



Good morning,

This was our first experience using Hoyt Livery. The drivers were prompt, courteous, and good drivers. This has been a totally positive experience and we look forward to booking with you again. Thank you!