Phil S.

On March 22, I  hired a Hoyt Livery car to take me to LaGuardia airport from Stamford. My driver was Michael.  I want to tell you how professional and courteous he was. What I am most thankful for is that I had a very special ring in my front pocket where my cell phone was located.  I pulled my phone out to do some work while traveling to the airport. My ring fell out of my pocket. I noticed that it was gone after I went through the security check point.
At just about the same time as I noticed it was missing, my phone rang and it was Michael telling me he had found my ring and wanted to return it. I asked him to drop it in the mail and I would cover the expenses. He was very courteous and polite. He did exactly as we talked about, I got the ring back and I am thrilled. He also called me to let me know that he had placed the ring in the mail and told me when to expect it.

I want to say thank you for employing Michael. His quick response and getting my lost ring, that was very important to me, is nothing short of outstanding. I applaud him and your company.

On my next trip to CT, I will be using Hoyt Livery!

Maryann B.

Good Morning,

Our driver yesterday Glen was quiet, but he was so good (cautions, dealt with traffic well, etc).  Because my credit card was not working on my cruise most of my cash was spent.  I would very much like to give him an extra tip on top of what was added to the ride receipt.

Thank you!

Rob & Jen B.

Thank you for being patient with our multiple time and location changes yesterday.  After a rockslide and snow storm, we were on plan C and appreciate knowing that you were there to get all 7 of us, and 15 bags, at nearly midnight.

Mike W.

I had the pleasure of having Charles take me to the airport on the morning of February 17, 2016.  I was running late but Charles never lost his cool – we hit traffic on the Hutch in the Bronx and without hesitation he made a quick move to get off.  There is no way I would have made the flight without his quick thinking.  More importantly, Charles is a gentlemen and I truly enjoyed speaking with him and in fact, I was lucky enough to draw him for the return trip on February 18.
I’ve been a Hoyt customer for more than 20 years and you are very lucky to have him as part of your team.

A Special Thanks from Holly of New Canaan

Dear Lynda & Santo,

My handicapped mother wanted to attend a mass for the sick at St. Aloysius on Saturday, January 30, and I had no way to get her there. I contacted Hoyt and explained that I would need help with my mother and her wheelchair since I have also hurt my back. Your company accommodated my request by sending Brian to be our driver. Brian made sure my mother and I felt at ease and safe, all while providing quality service as a representative of your company. I could not have asked for anyone more professional, compassionate and helpful.

I had to let you both know how grateful I am to Brian and Hoyt Livery for giving my mother and me this opportunity to attend a special mass together — a day I will never forget.

I hope you will pass along our thanks to Brian as well.


Dear Lynda & Santo

I am a frequent customer and pound ridge resident. I am happy with your service.
I wanted to make special comment regarding Charles Frye. A very kind and exceptional driver. He got me out of a jam this morning with great driving. Through terrible traffic and did it with a smile.

He is a great representative for your company!


Santo & Lynda,

I’ve been with you guys since the beginning and am happy to say I recco Hoyt to my friends every chance I get! Just took 3 guys to Ireland last week and used Hoyt to go to JFK and it was terrific. One guy asked for contact info which I gladly gave him.

Continued success & service!


I just wanted to pass along my praise for the driver who drove me to LGA this morning from Darien. His quick thinking got us out of a growing traffic on 95 and to the airport on time. Not 100% sure his name but he was great.

Thanks again!


Again Sam Alrata served up his fine driving skills and kindness by getting my walker and bag out of the car and leading me into the hospital and making certain I don’t trip over a crack in the sidewalk. He also knows I need to drink a lot of water and he has them right beside where I sit and they are always replenished when I come out. He knows exactly the correct route to take so we don’t sit in traffic. I think we got to the hospital an hour early, but I would rather be early than late for any appointment.

I truly appreciate Hoyt’s services and Sam’s!