Jack B.

I’ve been a Hoyt customer for several years. I always have a good experience with you guys. Lorenzo on dispatch is a friendly and familiar voice to me. Today, after a long trip, Charles Frye was there to pick me up at JFK for one of the fastest curb side pick ups I’ve ever had anywhere (on a Friday at JFK no less!) I’ve ridden with him before and he’s awesome. Great guy/ great driver. Keep hiring guys like Charles! Thanks for the consistently good service, Lynda.

Peter B.

I had Charles as a driver this am. Very courteous, thoughtful and polite. Ran through a checklist of all the things weary travelers tend to forget – cell, chargers, passports etc. Took my newspaper in from the driveway and handed it to me. Was listening to traffic and using waze to avoid construction. Super simple stuff, but it makes a difference and a lasting impression.

Lauren K.

As a long term customer of Hoyt livery, I have had the pleasure of talking with the owners several times. I am a customer of several of their other businesses as well. I am shocked by these reviews, and in fact, do not believe them. These people are the salt of the earth and go out of their way to accommodate customers. Their customers are their highest priority. I actually go out of my way to use their services.

John F.

Just so you know. Sam is one of the best. Very professional and a delight to ride with. We would use him anytime.

Lynda N.

Thank you for providing me and my family with a responsible, professional safe and prompt travel on Saturday, I will be a return customer and I will recommend your Hoyt.

John F.

A Great Driver!

Just want you to know that Everton is a credit to Hoyt. He picked us up from home and took us to LGA. Very professional, very courteous and we would be happy to have him pick us up anytime. He is a role model for the kind of driver you would like to have.

Phil S.

On March 22, I  hired a Hoyt Livery car to take me to LaGuardia airport from Stamford. My driver was Michael.  I want to tell you how professional and courteous he was. What I am most thankful for is that I had a very special ring in my front pocket where my cell phone was located.  I pulled my phone out to do some work while traveling to the airport. My ring fell out of my pocket. I noticed that it was gone after I went through the security check point.
At just about the same time as I noticed it was missing, my phone rang and it was Michael telling me he had found my ring and wanted to return it. I asked him to drop it in the mail and I would cover the expenses. He was very courteous and polite. He did exactly as we talked about, I got the ring back and I am thrilled. He also called me to let me know that he had placed the ring in the mail and told me when to expect it.

I want to say thank you for employing Michael. His quick response and getting my lost ring, that was very important to me, is nothing short of outstanding. I applaud him and your company.

On my next trip to CT, I will be using Hoyt Livery!