Ever been stressed out because you have to check multiple bags on a plane? Or just don’t want to deal with lugging heavy bags on an overseas excursion? Then check out SendMyBag.com, a luggage delivery service which provides a convenient way for travelers to ship their personal bags.

Based in Northern Ireland, SendMyBag offers flyers an alternative to rising baggage fees. The price points are similar to or slightly less than what low-cost carriers charge for checked luggage. SendMyBag’s services are especially useful for people traveling overseas or moving, even temporarily, such as for college or a job assignment.

SendMyBag’s fee to ship from the U.S. to most of Europe starts at just $99.00. SendMyBag is expanding its service to the U.S. In March, SendMyBag opened the doors of its new New York office to manage services to domestic routes in the U.S. Transatlantic baggage service to the U.S. launched this past November, which pre-clears luggage through customs to ensure fast delivery. The company plans to develop services tailored to corporate accounts, as well.

How SendMyBag works

Interested travelers should go to www.sendmybag.com, where you can read FAQs, reviews and watch a video about the various services they offer.

SendMyBag makes the process very straightforward. You go on their website and put in the details of your shipment. On the homepage you will find a Quick Quote calculator that allows you to calculate the cost of your desired shipment based upon collection and delivery destinations, date, and the weight of the item to be sent.

You can ship a suitcase, as well as oversized pieces such as golf clubs, skis, surf boards, guitars, etc. as long as it’s not on their prohibited items list. After you get your quote, you can book a collection for the next day, but they do suggest booking at least 24 hours in advance. Once you fill out your information and pay, you will receive shipping labels and customs forms to print out that can then be attached to your luggage.

SendMyBag’s customer service team is known for their excellence. They have real people you can talk to if you have any questions or issues. They also track every piece of luggage they ship, to ensure it gets to where it’s going to safely and on time.