Inspiring New Year’s Resolutions of CEOs

As 2017 begins, we thought it would be interesting to look at some New Year’s resolutions of top performing CEOs, courtesy of  We hope they inspire you to make 2017 your best year yet both personally and professionally.

Find your zone and do work that truly inspires you.

Successful people usually have a good idea where their “zone of genius” is—that place where you’re doing what you’re best at and most enjoy, lose track of time and produce your best and most satisfying work. Wouldn’t it be awesome to go there more often? To be more in sync with your job and purpose, and at the end of the day feel more energized than burned-out? Make it a priority in 2017.

Your dream job is not just a fantasy. You can make it a reality if you identify your zone of genius and how it intersects with your career and life. Then, think strategically on how you can make your work move toward greater “in the zone” moments.

Learn something new every day.

There is something incredibly valuable in expanding your knowledge and learning something new on a regular basis. Successful CEOs know this. Consider the correlation between Mark Zuckerberg’s personal goals and Facebook’s annual success. In 2010, Zuckerberg committed to learning Mandarin, and Facebook exceeded 500 million monthly users and became the largest social network. In 2015, his goal was to read a new book every two weeks, and the next year, Facebook grew as a major publishing platform.

Think about a way for you to incorporate new learning into your life on a regular basis, whether that is reading a book for 20 minutes a day, taking a new class, or even learning a new word each day. Think you’re too busy? Remember that knowledge fuels success.

Be a mentor—and connect with your mentors.

Another key to success in work and life is mentorship. Positive and productive mentorships help employees learn, become more engaged and reduce work attrition. This year, make a point to find or reconnect with a mentor, and also give back by mentoring someone else. It doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. The key is to be involved and engaged—this is the most important factor in a successful mentor relationship. And enjoy the unexpected benefits. Many teachers say they become better at their jobs by teaching others.

Focus on the long-term, not the short-term.

In work and life, stop focusing on the immediate bottom line and reward and look toward long-term success and sustainability.

When you focus on the long term, you shift your focus to making proper investments in your time, money, and goals. Think forest from the trees. You might not see immediate returns at first, but going about your days with long-term goals in mind will help you stay on track with what you ultimately want from your career and life, and help avoid spending endless hours putting out fires or regretting short-term decisions.

Take time to meditate.

The research and evidence on the benefits of mediation is truly extensive, and top CEOs are taking note. Meditation increases immune function, mental focus, positive emotions, empathy, increases social connections and much more, according to Psychology Today. The best part is it’s free and doesn’t take much time at all each day.