Hoyt’s Referral Rewards Program

Welcome to Hoyt Livery’s Referral Rewards Program! Please read the terms, register as a referral reward program participant, and when your colleague or friend indicates you referred them to our limousine rental or car service, we’ll send you a $25 American Express gift card.

To enroll in the Referral Rewards Program please complete the form below. Please note, by enrolling in Hoyt Livery’s Referral Rewards Program, you are giving us permission to notify you about our Referral Rewards Program and mail you your $25 American Express Gift Card when someone indicates that you have referred them to our service. Your information will be kept in strict confidence and is never shared with any outside party. You reserve the right to cancel this program at any time by sending an email to info@hoytlivery.com and upon your specific request, we will delete all of your contact information.

Referral Rewards Program Terms

  • The referred customer cannot be a prior Hoyt Livery customer.
  • The referred customer must enroll online at Hoyt Livery (Open an account).
  • A referral reward program participant can refer up to 4 individual customers within a 12-month period to earn up to 4 referral reward American Express gift cards for a combined maximum total of $100 within a 12-month period.
  • The referral reward program participant must complete this entire registration form including the referred customer’s information, prior to the referred customer booking with Hoyt Livery. Incomplete registrations will void eligibility for the referral credit.
  • Referral gift cards will be mailed only to eligible accounts that are identified on the online referral program registration form.
  • Each valid referral is limited to one $25 American Express gift card to be mailed to the referral reward program participant’s physical mail address within 30 days of the referred customer’s completed transaction.
  • No other gift card or form of payment will be substituted.
  • Referral reward program participant must be a Hoyt Livery customer in good standing, with satisfactory credit status and payment history.
  • A $25 American Express gift card is rewarded only for first-time referred customers who complete a trip to a local airport or the equivalent. Subsequent trips do not apply.

For information contact the Hoyt Livery management office.

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