Best Countries for Travel in 2016

Few things can be as exhilarating as traveling to a new country. Need some ideas on where to go and why? Read on for’s list of the top 10 countries to travel to in 2016.

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Africa’s unsung success
Botswana can be described as democratic, progressive, enlightened and invigoratingly wild. Botswana’s journey from poverty to become one of Africa’s most stable, thriving societies is inspirational. The country celebrates 50 years of independence in 2016 and there’s a lot for it to shout about, not least the way it has balanced economic growth with protecting its natural riches. Prepare for a severe case of slack-jawed-with-awe syndrome when you visit.

Japan’s new horizons
Japan might be number two in this year’s rankings, but it’s always number one for travelers in search of an otherworldly experience. Nowhere else on earth exemplifies that dog-eared ‘modern yet ancient’ cliché like the land of the rising sun. Tokyo’s successful bid to host the Olympics in 2020 has raised the temperature of a feverish city amid a blur of new development, but beyond the suburbs Japan remains as elegant and enticing as its graceful wooden temples.

Celebrate our national parks
The National Park Service—the “best idea America ever had”—turns 100 next year, so lace on your hiking boots and finally make time to see some of the country’s 59 national parks and hundreds of historic landmarks. You’ll marvel at the miraculously well-managed surreal and spectacular landscapes, from earth-rending canyons to alligator-infested swamplands to belching geysers.

Palau—the Pacific’s greenest secret
Palau is unquestionably one of the most magical diving and snorkeling destinations in the world—and it’s fighting to stay that way. This far-flung Pacific archipelago has turned 100 percent of its marine territory into a sanctuary in a bid to protect what has been dubbed a ‘Serengeti’ of the sea. Excessive face mask-wearing might leave you with a temporary red mark, but the fish, coral and other critters in these nutrient-rich waters will leave you truly goggle-eyed.

Latvia is shining for its silver anniversary
It’s taken Latvia 25 years to shrug off the fetters of Communism, but this Baltic treasure looks ready to shine for its silver anniversary. The country is resuscitating ancient traditions, restoring crumbling castles and manor houses hidden in its pine forests, and transforming its once stodgy cuisine into cutting-edge New Nordic fare. Seductive Riga, meanwhile, has built on its reign as a European Capital of Culture with improved infrastructure and a round of renovations as its population continues to grow.

Australia—‘nuf said
The strength of the Aussie dollar over recent years has made a trip down under a tough proposition for travelers on a budget. But with the currency faltering and petrol prices also on the slide, 2016 could be the perfect time for a road trip. You’ll want to gawp at the mega sights, naturally, including the Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania’s pristine wilderness, both of which face growing environmental threats. See them now before compromises are made.

Cultural capital crowns Poland’s rise to the top
Recession-defying Poland has superpowers – while the rest of Europe descended into the doldrums, visitor numbers here climbed and there’s no end to the boom in sight as Wrocław prepares for a stint as European Capital of Culture 2016. Kraków will have a turn in the limelight too when the Pope arrives to celebrate World Youth Day, and new air routes to Kraków, Szczecin, Katowice, and Gdańsk means this is a destination on the rise.

Uruguay: more than a buffer state
An estimated three million foreign visitors will arrive in Uruguay next year—but it’s a wonder it isn’t more when you grasp what the “Switzerland of America” has to offer. Sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has become a progressive society that boasts a small but perfectly formed capital in Montevideo, pampas where you can act out a gaucho (cowboy) fantasy, and nightlife on sea amid the glamour of Punta del Este. Expect that three million to rise.

Chill out in the Arctic
Greenland has the world’s lowest population density, but those that brave this chilly chunk of the planet are not short of diversions: see the midnight sun glimmer on glaciers, sail among breaching whales, dogsled the tundra, and watch the Northern Lights dance across the ice sheet. In March 2016, Greenland will host the Arctic Winter Games, the largest event of its kind ever, along with a festival of song, food and dance. What better time to visit this Arctic wonderland?

Fiji got its groove back
Listen up: the route to paradise just became a little easier. Pleasure-loving Fiji has recovered its equilibrium at last after a coup and constitutional crisis, and travelers will soon benefit from an upgrade to the country’s Nadi International Airport. So what will it be, then? Idle at an upscale resort, try the latest extreme sport, or focus on the classic pursuits of diving, sailing and angling as you soak up what this tropical archipelago has to offer.

Source: The’s “Top 10 regions