Three Decades of Driving: Hoyt Celebrates 30 Years!

This October, Hoyt Livery celebrates 30 years in business serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties and surrounding areas with their ground transportation excellence. Owners Santo and Lynda Silvestro of New Canaan, CT purchased Hoyt Livery in 1987, and through three decades of hard work and dedication, have expanded the company to over 60 vehicles with more than 40 drivers. A key factor in Hoyt’s success has been a continual commitment to learning about changes in the industry and improving on their already superior customer service. Hoyt was recently named Best of the Gold Coast Winner for Best Limousine Service 2017—proof that their attention to detail has been recognized by their clients.

The Hoyt Experience

Hoyt’s mission from day one has been “The Hoyt Experience.” To make sure each client is transported with the utmost satisfaction from the moment they make their initial reservation until the moment they reach their final destination. This is accomplished with Hoyt’s friendly, helpful reservationists and professionally-dressed, knowledgeable chauffeurs.

“Our success is largely thanks to our stellar staff and loyal clients,” says Lynda Silvestro. “We have the best of both, and we couldn’t have lasted this long without them. “We know that there are other transportation options out there, but time and time again we see the same clients calling back. We truly appreciate that,” adds Santo.

Rewards Programs

Another reason for client loyalty is Hoyt’s Referral Rewards Program. When a client’s friend or colleague hires Hoyt, the company will send the person who referred them a $25 American Express gift card.

And for frequent travelers, Hoyt offers the Marquis Rewards Program. When a client completes 10 rides, they receive a free airport transfer.

Hoyt Livery Travel App

“We realize that customer preferences and expectations change and evolve, so it’s on us to keep up with the times,” says Lynda. To meet the demands of digitally savvy clients, in 2013, Hoyt launched their mobile app, which allows clients to schedule a new trip, check their reservation and keep a record of their frequent destinations to make booking easier for future trips, all from their iPhone, iPad or Android phone.

“Most of our clients are very busy business travelers—they’re not behind their desks, they’re on the go,” said Lynda. “We felt they needed this app to be able to book and manage their trips from the palms of their hands.”

Download the app here.

Drivers are Employees

Another major differentiator: Hoyt’s drivers are employees — licensed, insured, and trained in Hoyt’s standard of excellence. Many other limousine companies, on the other hand, are merely transportation “brokers.” Upon taking reservations, they hire freelance drivers without any regard for their experience, insurance status, or vehicle condition; a reminder for the buyer—or in this case, rider—to beware.

Always Adding to Fleet

Hoyt has consistently added new vehicles to their fleet over the years. The lineup now includes more than 60 Lincoln Town Cars and stretch limousines, Chevrolet Suburbans, Ford E350 Vans, and more—all impeccably maintained and cared for. “When that car pulls up to a client, that’s their first impression of us as a company, so we want it to be a positive one,” says Santo.

With an open mind and an open ear, Santo and Lynda continue to talk with customers about every aspect of the business, and encourage feedback and welcome emails. Cheers to 30 more years of excellent transportation service!

To make a reservation with Hoyt, visit us online or call (203) 966-5466.

Quick Tips on Hiring a Limousine

Many of us have ridden in a luxury limousine for a prom, wedding, or funeral, but it’s OK to rent a limo just for fun, too! Hiring a car to drive you and guests to dinner and a show, a girls’ night out, concert, shopping, sightseeing, or other activity is not only fun, it reduces stress, wear and tear on your car (hello West Side Highway!), and eliminates any potential for drinking and driving. It can also be a lot more affordable than you think. Here are five reasons to feel good about hiring a Hoyt limo for your next night out.

1. Research the company beforehand. Like any other industry, all limo companies are not alike, and choosing the right one could mean the difference between an enjoyable experience, or a nightmare on wheels. Before you make a reservation, check out the company. Go online and search local limo companies. For example, “limousine companies, Fairfield County, CT.” Read some websites, and better yet, call the company. Ask them how long they have been in business. Can they provide any testimonials? Does the company’s insurance policy also cover passengers? Do they belong to the National Limousine Association?

2. Stay within your budget. Know how much you want to spend on a car, but don’t choose a limousine service just because it’s cheap. This may work when booking a coach flight—not so much a limousine. There are other factors to consider, such as a company’s reputation, years in business, toll and tipping policy, and hourly minimum to rent a vehicle.

3. Decide kind of car you want. There are many different types of limousines. Some are basic and others have all the bells and whistles. Are you traveling alone or with a party of people? This, along with your taste and budget, will help determine the kind of limousine you want, whether it’s a regular Town Car, a standard stretch limo, a luxury van for a group, or a specialty Hummer or Mercedes. Ask the company about the quality of their cars, and perhaps ask for a newer model. If you have a certain limousine in mind, make sure the make and model is indicated in your reservation or contract.

4. Ask if the driver is a trained employee. This is an important one. With some limousine companies, their drivers are not employees of the company — they are sub-contractors hired to pick you up at a given time. This is a quality and safety no-no. Make sure the chauffeur that will be driving you is an employee of the company, and has been trained, licensed and insured by that company. Also, that he or she is an experienced driver and knows the area roads and routes. When you make a reservation, consider sending your itinerary to the driver ahead of time with your correct address and time for pickup.

5. Know what’s included in the contract. Like any purchase, buyer beware. Know and understand the terms and conditions of the contract. Is there an on-time guarantee? Does insurance cover passengers as well as the chauffeur? Are tips and tolls included or are they extra? (It is standard to tip a deserving driver.) What about amenities, such as snacks and champagne. Is this included in the price of the car, and will they be in the car when it arrives? Going the extra mile ahead of time will help ensure an excellent experience with your limousine and chauffeur.